Module 1: Module 1 – Cell Biology Review Video Outline


Dear students,
People come into this class from many different backgrounds and different knowledge levels with regards to biology.  It’s difficult to understand immunology if you don’t first have a basic understanding of the components of a cell and how they work together.

Your homework assignment for this week is to watch and write up a video outline on the video entitled “Cell Communication”.  A link to this video can be found in the Webliography in the Week 1 category.  This video provides an overview of how immune cells communicate with each other.

Submit an outline of the video to the appropriate Dropbox by the end of the first academic week (Wed, Jan 21).  A general template for video outlines is available under Doc Sharing and additional information on writing up your video outlines can be found in the syllabus.

Another video that is suggested, but NOT required, is the video entitled “A Tour of the Cell”.  This video can also be found in the Webliography for this class and reviews good, basic background information on cell biology.  I suggest watching this video but you do NOT need to submit an outline for it.

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At least 3 CURRENT academic references [NOT including textbook]are expected, cited in-text and referenced in proper APA format. Initial discussion responses must be a minimum of 500 words or more. Two [2] peer responses are required; each must be 300 words or more in length and each with at least one reference to support your opinion. Important – you will not be able to see your peers posts until you post your own.

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