Meat Lab

ANS 121


Quality and Yield Grading (Beef)

Tour of Pork Cuts


Sanitation in Meat and Poultry Plants

https ://


Primal Cuts – Beef

Primal Cuts – Answers

Primal Cuts – Lamb

Primal Cuts – Answers

Primal Cuts – Swine

Primal Cuts – Answers

Clark Meat Science Center

Current Faculty, Management, and Clubs

Nate Parker – Manager

Marketing – Beaver Brand Meats

Meats Club

Production Challenges

Inspection, Utilities=$$$

Inspector Fees: $2,000/year

Offal Fees: $85/load

Processing (Complete during Tour)

During the tour of the Clark Meat Science Center, please provide a brief explanation of the processes the following species go through post mortem




Additionally, please name two things that are inspected post mortem

Meat Products

What do Quality Grades predict/estimate?

Palatability of meat

How good the meat will taste

What do Yield Grades predicts/estimate?

Percent boneless, closely trimmed retail product

Estimates the percent lean of a carcass

Meat Lab Write-Up

What is your biggest concern when it comes to the meat industry? Did the information presented in lecture and lab clear up any misconceptions you had about the meat production industry? Why/how or why not? Please name two things you learned or found interesting during your tour of the Clark Meat Science Center.

This is your LAST ONE!!!

Critical Thinking Questions

1) What are the factors used in beef yield grades? What does KPH stand for?

REA (Ribeye Area)

BF (Backfat)

HCW (Hot Carcass Weight)

KPH (Kidney, Pelvic, Heart Fat)

2) What is marbling and what does it provide to meat?

Streaks of fat found within the meat (muscle), which provides juiciness, flavor, and tenderness

Critical Thinking Questions

3) Why is color and firmness important for pork carcasses?

Indicates stress gene, which negatively effects meat quality

Example: PSE pork (Pale, Soft, Exudative)

4) How does the smoking process work in meat processing?

Heats meat up, cooks it, adds flavor

Critical Thinking Questions

5) Name a retail cut for beef, swine, and sheep.

Beef – Steak, roast, tenderloin, etc.

Sheep – Rack, loin chop, leg, neck slices, etc.

Swine – Ham, spare ribs, shoulder roast, etc.

6) On a pig, where does bacon come from?


Critical Thinking Questions

7) Name two quality grades for beef cattle and for sheep.

Beef – Prime, Choice, Select, Standard

Sheep – Prime, Choice, Good, Utility

8) What is a dark cutter?

An animal that undergoes long-term stress before slaughter may have a limited amount of glycogen to convert to lactic acid. As a result, muscle pH is higher causing muscle color to become darker.

Lab Book Submissions

If you’ve filled out all of the lab sections, completed the breeds self-tests, and the general vocabulary, then you can turn in your lab book NOW!

Early submitted lab books will be given back at the beginning of lab next week! (GREAT study tool for Final Exam)

Final Deadline

Friday, March 11th by 5:00 p.m.

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