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Product Assessment Paper/Presentation (35 points):

For this assignment, you will review a dietary supplement, FDA medication, or Infomercial or fad diet focusing on weight loss or nutrition-related or “Fad” products. You can choose a supplement that you already have and use, you can obtain a new supplement you are interested in learning more about, or you can find one online to review- as long as the full label for the supplement is visible.

Differentiate research from the manufacturer, company, and peer-reviewed research, comparing and contrasting the potential benefits and harmful side effects. Submit a 3-5 page paper outlining the information below.

You will also prepare a PowerPoint presentation (slides and summary – no voiceover needed). Compose a 7-10 slide PowerPoint presentation outlining a summary of your findings from the Product Assessment assignment. This PowerPoint presentation must be uploaded to Course Resources for other students to view. Utilize the Summary section to include additional information, if necessary.

Include in your Product Assessment Paper: (20 points)

Abstract (3 points)
Introduction to the topic of choice (one paragraph). (2 points)
Answer all questions pertaining to the Product Assessment below in Discussion section.(5 points)
Conclusion- summary of overall research, quality, and potential recommendations you would (or would not) make regarding this product. (2 points)
Reference page (include at least 7 references primarily from peer-reviewed journals); exclusive of 3-5 page paper requirement. (4 points)
Grammar, structure, effort, overall professionalism of paper. (4 points)
The objectives of the assignment will be to:

Identify the primary active ingredients and estimated amounts of each ingredient in one serving.
Recognize and report the target audience of the supplement.
List any health or structure/function claims made on the label.
Look at the evidence behind the validity of the claims- especially as it relates to the target audience and the amount contained in one serving of your supplement.
Address any potential risks of any of the ingredients.
Is the supplement (or any ingredients in your supplement) part of the “Dirty Dozen”?/
List at least 1 other supplement with similar ingredients, claims, and target audience.
When looking at the evidence behind the validity of the claim, make sure to include at least 3 peer-reviewed references. If no peer-reviewed references are available, discuss your thoughts on why.
In your review, make sure to address each of the objectives above.

Helpful references for learning more about supplements

The Office of Dietary Supplements
Dietary Supplement Fact Sheets
National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
Product Assessment Presentation (15 pts):

Create a 7-10 slide Powerpoint presentation to create to a “public” audience reviewing the product/diet that you researched.

Include name of presenters, course, title of product on slide #1
Include key talking points of product
Identify product, picture included
Target audience, who is product marketed to
Health or structure/function claims
Evidence behind product
Potential risks of product
Other pertinent information you feel the reader/audience would want to know
Cite references throughout or on last slide
Use the notes section to describe slides in detail to cut down on wordy slides and be professional

10 pts for content, 5 pts for presentation

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