You are a cellular biologist.  You have been investigating the perfect cell.  You must submit a proposal for your study to receive future monies from Seton Hall Biology Department.

Your explanation must include:

1.  Draw, a model of the perfect cell and organ system in which this ideal cell will be a part.

2. Identify why this is a perfect cell and organ system in the human body

3.  Make sure you have at least one (1) reference to support your hypothesis

4.  Mention what kind of research method that would be best for this Cell project

5.  Provide in three sentences why your budget is necessary to support your research.

Remember, You must persuade the budget research committee of Seton Hall’s Biology department.  They are a rigorous academic group :>)

You can choose a format that shows learned skills from past modules, as well as this one.

This assignment should have a word count of a max. of 500 words but no less than 350 words.

If you draw your perfect cell and its associated organ system, you should scan and save it as a pdf or jpg, and insert it within your proposal.  The drawing should be included in your work.

If you use something from the Internet, you must cite the source.

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