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DB #6

1 month ago


What do you see as the potential benefits and main drawbacks of CRISPR? Do you think it is more likely to help or hurt? Why?

RE: DB #6

1 day agoJared Klopfer

I think that CRISPR has the potential to do very incredible things for the human race, it could completely destroy a disease from being contracted by humans. Another great thing, but also potentially could become a problem is that it would, with advancements, be able to control how children are born. Not that editing genes to make them invulnerable to certain diseases is bad necessarily, but the adverse effects and possibilities of this are seemingly endless. CRISPR as it is being advertised and marketed is only for getting diseases out of the human genome, but the greater thing, but also the worst part of it is what was hardly mentioned in the video, its possibility to edit within a fertilized egg. I think that when gene editing were to become so advanced, it is very possible that any person would decide that


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Discussion Prompt:

9/19/18, 12(38 PMThread: DB #6 – BIO-101-1-Fall-2018-CRN-20168

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they, for example, do not like how large their nose is, or how large their hands are. CRISPR could be used to oust this in offspring, make it so that they would not be born with a large nose, or freakishly large hands. It has the potential to do great things, but I think that what it would become is just a beauty contest of humanity, recessive genes would become what is desired by all, and their parents would make sure that their child has the best genes possible, if they could afford it. This is would be extremely dangerous to man kind because we are so shallow, though we do look for love and greater things that we really look for in life, we really do like how we look, or think. We are animals that are very selfish and would desire for the greatest, strongest, most beautiful offspring. We would no longer be humans in the end, just an editing project of humanity. Another thing that was not considered I think is that there is a possibility that the new genes that were edited could be rejected. I’m not sure if that possible, but something that I would wonder, and if they can be rejected for the body could that cause even greater problems for the human that is being edited?

RE: DB #6

1 day agoErin Pyle

CRISPR is a very interesting program in which cells have the chance to be altered and changed. With that being said, many experiments have been done in which mutations have been able to be altered and in change be used for something good. The change is not just through the DNA but begins with a virus that is injected into the cell. This form can be done in a few different ways through cultured cells and or a fertilized egg. These mutations have been tested in transgenic animals with targeted mutations. This process has the ability to alter genes with mutations and help create solutions for gene alterations in humans. From the outside CRISPR seems to be a great idea and a great resource, although I do fear that many of the potential mutations could result in a negative outcome rather than a positive one. To begin, CRISPR is a genome editing process in which DNA and RNA can be altered. This process provides mutations in order to best help recreate DNA that needs to be changed. Although this seems to be a great idea, I am concerned with the alteration of DNA. Frequently we have become consumed with the perception that if there is a mistake in DNA we have the power to alter and change it. Although this seems


9/19/18, 12(38 PMThread: DB #6 – BIO-101-1-Fall-2018-CRN-20168

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to be a good idea if we are aware of those difficulties I believe that it has the chance of providing others with a better plan of treatment. This process of being able to alter and change cells have the potential to change the way that future humans are living. The process has great intentions but concerns me when someone claims to have the power to alter our DNA and genetics. The power to alter genetics can be a great resource and help many people, with this ability we could be able to better many lives by altering their DNA. Technology and science are changing drastically and I believe that this process has the potential to benefit many by detecting diseases before they come to severe.

RE: DB #6

23 hours agoSara Smith

CRISPR is a segment of short repetitions of base sequences, which is involved in the defense mechanisms of prokaryotic organisms to viruses. Somewhere that CRISPR is used is in repairing base pairs of genes. CRISPR has been used on animals and has shown signs sucession. However, ultimately has not been religiously practiced on humans. There are a few things that I see as potential benefits and a few things that I could see as potential drawbacks of CRISPR. One benefit of this could be is how it reduces time, that is required to modify target genes in comparison to tools being used currently. Another benefit of CRISPR is to improve bioinformatic tools. Bioinformatic tools are used to collect and analyze biological data. Another benefit that CRISPR has, that it could ultimately erase a life-threatening disease being transmitted through the passing of genes. A few drawbacks of CRISPR could include the possibility of incorrect mutations within DNA. In addition, this could also have a helping in ruining human evolution, because with this you can choose and pick what goes into a human. Which is very different from how genes are passed down from parent to offspring. CRISPR could create a society that is driven in building the best of the best of people, which I personally believe is completely wrong. Meaning, that one can pick gender, eye color, and other physical traits that are tended to be given to one by a parent. Overall, I personally believe that there are many postive benefits that CRISPR could potentially produce and therefore believe it is more likely to help, rather than hurt. However, the ultimate thing to think about


9/19/18, 12(38 PMThread: DB #6 – BIO-101-1-Fall-2018-CRN-20168

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would be is the question of: if the positive benefits out weigh the problems and risk that CRISPR could ultimately create.

RE: DB #6

9 minutes agoRonee Watson

One of the major potential benefits of CRISPR genome editing is the amazing medicinal applications it can have. Scientists have now found a way to locate the genes responsible for certain diseases. Now with the ability to go in and edit these genes to remove the harmful sequences, we have the power to combat these diseases before they become harmful. Another possible application that this genome editing could lead to is the cure of cancer, or possibly the end of cancer itself. If scientists could locate the genes responsible for the mutation of cells the eventually turn in to deadly cancer, it could be the end of the terrible disease that kills millions of people. The main drawback that I see from editing genomes is how far some people are willing to take the technology. There are many science fiction movies that could become reality with this kind of technology. The world is always looking for the next best thing to come along. I would be afraid that this would lead to people misusing this technology to try and make corrections that are not necessarily needed. There has been misuse in medicine before, and I believe that having this kind of power over someone’s genes are can lead to extreme danger. The problem with these kinds of discoveries is that once it becomes common knowledge, you cannot control how people use the information or if it is being used what it was originally intended for. Another major drawback that often occurs in medicine is that the treatment may not be available to everyone who needs it because ti could be withheld only for people who can afford treatment. I believe that is has equal ability to help and hurt depending on who is using it and what they are using it for. If it is in the hands of people that just want to use it for the common good of everyone, it could be extremely helpful, especially in the field of science. It could be hurtful if used for the wrong reasons or it could also be withheld from people who really need it because often, in medicine, the things that are truly helpful are out of reach for people who cannot afford it.


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