The herpes simplex virus has many complexities to its biology: it’s duality in viral infection and pathology, its many symptoms or lack of, and its widespread treatment.

Research paper must be no less than 3-1/2 to 4 pages in length, double

spaced, utilizing no more than 12pt font in a standard style such as Times

New Roman.  Normal margins.

Paper must include a minimum of 5 resources that are listed on a

“Works Cited” or “Bibliography” page using APA format, and cited (or foot-

noted) appropriately in your paper.

An accompanying PowerPoint presentation should be a minimum of 7

slides and should include pictures and other information pertaining to your

topic. The first slide is the title slide; the resources for your PowerPoint

should be listed on the last (7)th slide in MLA format.

Can you use questions from a recorded interview to type a 1-3 page paper?

5) Nutrition Service Work Assignment Students will need to complete one nutrition service work assignment during this semester session. At the conclusion of the event, student will need to turn in a 1-3 page typed summary (double spaced, 10-12 font) about their experience and involvement in one of the options below, along with proof of attendance/participation. Proof can be in the form of a letter, email, picture, registration form, etc. Also, please include in your summary why you choose the specific activity and how you can apply the information to your family/friends and/or community. Do not email your assignment – the paper and proof must be submitted under the “Assignments” tab in Blackboard Learn for credit. This assignment has a designated due date (you can submit early, but I will not grade them till after the due date). Once the due date has passed you cannot make it up or submit it late. See course calendar below for due date. Options: Interview – Registered Dietician; Community Nutrition Director Volunteer or Participate – Health Charity event – fun run, 5K, 10K, half marathon/marathon Volunteer – (1 hour minimum) – Houston Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, Recipe for Success, food drive -Salvation Army, Goodwill -Feeding the homeless -Working in the UH community garden or city community/urban garden -Volunteer for a local Health Fair -Volunteer Hospital, Rehabilitation Center, or Hospice

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