Examine your own personality by completing a personality test using the following site: Reflecting on your own personality, respond to this project in an essay, addressing each item below. Include research from at least one scholarly source from an Online Library to support your responses.

  • Describe how emotional intelligence and understanding personality types are important for developing relationships.
  • Examine the extent to which you believe that personality profiles can help to reduce workplace conflicts.
  • Describe personality types of coworkers that cause personality conflicts for you based on your own personality assessment. Describe a time you experienced a personality conflict, and discuss how you addressed it.

Format your essay consistent with APA guidelines. Your essay should be two pages in length, not including the title page or reference page. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying in-text citations in the proper APA format.


This purpose of this assignment is to critically analyze each section of one research paper, in order to gain experience dissecting, summarizing, and evaluating primary literature.



As a result of completing this assignment, you will gain skills required to analyze and evaluate information from any source, and to apply the process of science to analyze and evaluate primary sources, including:

· Identifying and rewording hypotheses and predictions

· Evaluating experimental methods within the context of the hypotheses and predictions

· Analyzing statistical tests and describing the meaning of their results

· Analyzing, interpreting, and summarizing Results and Interpretations, including the meaning and descriptive value of figures and tables


Tasks and Rubric:

· Select and read one of the provided papers that reports on original experimental research.

· Consider watching this Intro to Stats video lecture to help you understand the methods.

· Begin a Collaboration with me through our Canvas site (so that I may access and comment on it at any time), and complete the following analyses of the journal article:

Commentary Part  1 Focus on the Abstract and Introduction of the publication:

1. Explain in your own words  why  the researchers conducted this study; what is the value in studying their system? What background information is included to inform you of the relevance, importance or potential implications of the study?

2. Restate the researcher’s hypothesis and their predictions in your own words; Identify where they stated their hypothesis and predictions, and whether it was stated explicitly or implied. Did the researchers choose appropriate experiments or observations to test their hypothesis? Explain why you think so.

Commentary Part 2 Focus on the Materials and Methods:

1. In your own words, summarize the experimental methods (if there are multiple, summarize what you believe is the  most important  experiment).

2. Explain  the statistical method or test  used to analyze their most important results: on what dataset is the statistical test applied? What is the test statistic measuringWhat are the confidence limits, p-value, or R2 value, etc. and the significance level associated with the test statistic?

Commentary Part 3 Focus on the Results and Discussion:

1. Evaluate  two  figures or tables that visually explain the most important result: Explain what each one attempts to show. Explain  how  the figures and tables do or do not help clarify the written results.

2. Evaluate the Results & Discussion: Do they match the predictions and therefore support the hypothesis, or do the results falsify the hypothesis…or do they suggest a way in which the hypothesis (or predictions) should be modified? Explain.


Additional criteria and tips. To receive 15  points, you must:

· Use no smaller than 11 point font, 0.75 inch borders.

· Use correct grammar and punctuation and adhere to Standard English sentence structure. If you need assistance writing and editing, then go to the Writing Center (Library Classroom A). I will deduct 2 points automatically for systemic grammatical errors.

· Write your analysis/commentary in your own words.

· Address each question and prompt completely.

· See me early if you have any questions about how to prepare the response,  so you will have time to incorporate changes.

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