“High Altitude Adaptation, Co-evolution, and Rodenticides in Ludwigschafen”

This week is all about evolution. For your primary post, respond to one of the following topics. Also, be sure to reply to at least one fellow student on any topic.

Topic 1

: High Altitude Adaptation. In the recorded interview (1)*, Emilia Huerta-Sanchez describes some research her team conducted. Watch the video, then address the following questions:

(a) What data did they collect, who did they collect it from, and what were they looking for?
(b) Which gene was implicated as a gene associated with high altitude adaptation, and what does it do?
(c) Why do they think that the high incidence of this gene in populations who live at high altitudes is due to natural selection?
Topic 2 [reading]: Co-evolution of rattlesnakes and squirrels. Read at least one of the following articles (2)* and/or (3)*, and then address the following questions:

(a) How do squirrels adapt to rattlesnake venom?
(b) How do rattlesnakes adapt to squirrel’s defenses against rattlesnake venom?
(c) What do the results of this research tell us about evolution?

These should answer the inquiry by incorporating the week’s work in your own words. No quotes. No paraphrasing. All in your own words and turned in to the proper assignment slot in CANVAS. Use a basic 5 paragraph essay style, support your points with data and critical thinking.  No late submissions. No makeups. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE .doc, .docx, OR .pdf  OR it is a zero (0), no extensions/no resubmissions for wrong file format.

Topic: Senses (afferent nervous system) Discuss someone with unique sense…a synsethete…or Erik Weihenmayer using the device to see with his tongue…or the paraplegics who are learning to feel with a robotic arm. Why/how does this work?  Make sure to include your  your thoughts on the lectures/links/discussion, with an eye to critical thinking and supporting your arguments with DATA. (5 paragraphs please: intro, body, conclusion) (Graded)

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