Genetics Problems

Please complete the following problems. Be sure to show your work; you will not receive full credit if you do not show your work. Please use a separate sheet to show your work. 1) Select 10 of your friends or relatives. Find out their phenotypes and list all possible genotypes for each of the

listed traits. Use the first letter of the trait name for your genotypes (i.e. D and/or d for dimple). (20 points) Dominant traits are: Dimples, Freckles, Tongue rolling and when clasping hands the left thumb over right thumb.

Name or Number

Dimple Pheno

Dimple Geno

Freckles Pheno

Freckles Geno

Tongue Pheno

Tongue Geno

Hand Pheno

Hand Geno

2) Using two of the people listed above and three traits of your choice, give the percentage of offspring that would be born homozygous dominant, homozygous recessive, and heterozygous for the traits. Do not use more than one homozygous recessive trait in your work. Be sure to use punnett squares to show your results (A four- point Punnett square for each trait). You will need to show at least two punnett squares for each of the three traits (15 points).

3) You are responsible for breeding a male and female dragon. I have provided you with the traits of each of the parents. Using a four-point Punnett Square for each trait to answer the questions listed below (SHOW YOUR WORK!!!) (13 points).

The mom dragon has wings (heterozygous exhibiting the winged trait as dominant) and the dad is not winged (recessive).

The mom and dad are both heterozygous for breathing fire.

The mom has no tail spike (recessive) and the dad is homozygous (dominant) for a tail spike.

The mom can only give an X chromosome for the sex of the baby and the dad can give an X or Y.

(a) What is the probability that the baby dragon will have wings?

(b) What is the probaility the baby will be a fire breather?

(c) What is the probability the baby will NOT have a tail spike?

(d) What is the probability the baby is going to be a female?

(e) Name your baby!

4) Jen and John are both Achondroplasic dwarves. They also both have type AB blood. Answer the following questions, showing statistics, using a 16 square punnett square to show your work. (14 points)





What are the chances (if any) that Jen and John’s child will be:

(a) Dwarf and has type B blood?

(b) Still born (or will not survive past a few months) with type A blood?

(c) Dwarf and has type AB blood?

(d) Not a dwarf with type A blood?

(e) Dwarf with blood type A?

(f) Not a dwarf with type AB blood?

(g) Not a dwarf with type B blood?

5) Joe has sickle cell anemia and type Ao blood. Jane does not have sickle cell anemia, but she is a carrier for the disease. Jane also has type Bo blood. Create your own 16 punnett square to show the statistical answers to the following questions. (18pts)

(a) What is the percent possibility that their child will have the sickle cell disease?

(b) What is the possibility their child will have sickle cell anemia with type B blood?

(c) What is the possibility their child will have sickle cell anemia with type A blood?

(d) What is the possibility their child will have type AB blood?

(e) What is the possibility of type O blood?

(f) What is the possibility of type Bo blood and be a carrier for sickle cell anemia, but not exhibit symptoms?

6) Albinism, the total lack of skin pigmentation, is recessive (a) to normal pigmentation. A married couple with normal skin pigment each have an albino parent (6 points).

a. What is the genotype of the man

b. What is the genotype of the woman?

c. What are the chances of this couple having an albino child?

7) If you have the genotype AB for the ABO blood group, what is your blood type (4 points)? ______________________

If you have the phenotype O, what is your genotype?_______________________

8) Bill has type B blood. His wife, Colleen, is unsure of her blood type. If their first child is type B, their second child is type AB, and their twins are type O . . . (6 points)

a. What is Colleen’s blood type?

b. What is Colleen’s genotype?

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