Directions: This exercise is to help you get ready for the midterm  (so don’t put this off th

until the evening before it’s due…). So that you develop an understanding of cells and how tey

work, answer the following: A. How are Prokaryotic cells and Eukaryotic cells similar? How are

they different? B. How are plant cells and animal cells similar? How do they differ? Identify and

describe, in one or two sentences, the functions of the major organelles both Prokaryotic and

Eukaryotic cells. Be sure to include: nucleus, nuclear membrane, nuclear pore, chromosomes,

rough endoplasmic reticulum, smooth endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria/chlorplasts,

ribosomes, Golgi apparatus, vesicles, lysosomes, cytoskeleton, cellular membrane,

cytoplasm/cytosol, flagella, and cilia

Write clearly and concisely 2-5 pages of typed, double-spaced text (

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