Read the attchment carfully and make a powerpoint for the 2 artcals

sprate the 2 articals

1)    Introduction

Ø  Introduce your topic in broad, general terms.

Ø  Supply background information.


2)    Rationale

Ø  State the purpose of the study (goals and objectives).

Ø  Specific statement of hypothesis to be addressed.


3)    Methods

Ø  Present how the research question(s) were addressed.


4)    Results

Ø  Present what the experiments found.

Ø  Use pictures, charts, tables, graphs, and figures (visual aids).


5)    Discussion/Conclusions

Ø  Discuss the implications of the results.

Ø  Discuss the overall importance of the study or possible future research.

Ø  Do you feel the food item(s) or phytochemical(s) will provide health benefits? Should it be consumed as a supplement or as whole food?

Ø  Discuss how the Human Ecological Theory (HET) affects consumption of this phytochemical. In other words, how does the environment impact our food intake patterns and consumption of the specific phytochemical(s)?

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