Write a two paragraph response; one paragraph, your quick summary of the article, and the other your reaction to how the topic relates to this class, your life or human life as a whole. Also provide a question you have related to the information.  Your opinions and personal reactions should be reserved for the second paragraph. Please include a direct link to the article in your report.


What is needed?

First ParagraphA concise summary of the article. Three to five sentences.

Second ParagraphYour opinion on how the information relates to the course and/or people.  A question that logically follows from the information in the article.

ArticleDirect link in the report.


I will check for HIGH QUALITY answer and NO PLAGIARISM


What are the diniing feature of hominids?

Who are the three Robus Australopithecines?

What are some of the moropholigical evolutionary trends of early hominds?

what does bipedalism have to do with temperature regulation in organism and efficiency in walking ?

What are the three main tool industries and which were associated with early hominids ( homo habils, homo erectus, and neanderthals?)

What are some of the morphological feature of homo erectus?

what are some of the features of the archaic homo skulls ( cranial capacity, morphological features)?

What are some of the features of the anatomically modern human skull?

What are the two theories discussed regarding the spread of anatomically modern humans out of Africa? WHat are the features of those theories?

WHat are adaptation and acclimatization ? what are the differing featuress of them ?

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