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Ethical Dilemmas

Resource: The Neighborhood: Season 2, Episode 9; Grading Criteria: Ethical Dilemmas


Access The Neighborhood using the link on the student website.


Read the story of each of the Allen family members up to Season 2, Episode 9.


Develop a 10-12 slide (not including the title, introduction, conclusion, and reference slides)  Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to present to the class at least two ethical dilemmas potentially faced by the Allen family in this simulation.


Select and discuss which of the following ethical principles are related to the case of Pamela Allen and her family:


·       Autonomy

·       Beneficence

·       Nonmaleficence

·       Fidelity

·       Advocacy

·       Veracity

·       Respect


Include in your presentation the role of the nurse (real and theoretical) in caring for this family and how an ethical decision-making model could be applied in searching for a resolution.


Include at least two current (less than 5 years old) in-text citations and full references from a scholarly resource beyond textbooks formatted according to APA guidelines.


Submit your PowerPoint to the Assignments link.


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