STEP 4: Analysis of a classmate’s critique

Read one other student’s critique that is different than the article you chose.

•Provide your opinion about the quality of the science/experiments in the article. Explain fully.

•What did you learn?

•What other questions could be asked to further this information?

•Provide other resources (websites) or additional information related to this topic.

•Can you relate the information to something in your own life or the news?

This is worth 5% of your grade, so your response should be thought-provoking and contribute in some way. Short responses that basically say “good job” will receive only minimal partial credit.

Be sure to review comments made to your critique and respond appropriately



Nancy T. died of E.coli infection after an intestinal puncture. Explain why this microbe, which normally lives in the colon, could kill this patient.


A worker in a cheese-making facility argues that whey, a nutrient- rich by-product of cheese, should be dumped in the nearby pond where it could be used as fish food.

Explain why this proposed action could actually kill the fish by depleting the oxygen in the pond


A young student was troubled by the idea that a bacterium is able to control its diverse and complex metabolic activities, even though it lacks a brain.

How would you explain its metabolic control?

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