Discussion 1 150 words each

There are lots of movies and TV shows depicting catastrophic outbreaks and diseases that launch the world into chaos. Based on what you have now learned about outbreak investigations, watch a movie or TV show related to outbreaks and analyze what they do right, what they do wrong and what you would do different. Use the name of the movie or TV show/episode as your subject line. Share your analysis with the class.

Discussion 2

Choose one of these examples below and discuss why this is an environmental justice issue. Identify potential health effects that might stem from this issue and present any suggestions you have to remedy the situation.

1. Emelle, Alabama, is home to the biggest landfill for hazardous waste in the United States. Emelle is also a poor community that is predominantly African American. Waste for this landfill comes from 45 states nationally as well as several other countries.

2. In a neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona, is a large industrial toxic waste site. This neighborhood has a predominantly Hispanic community. As a result of the toxic waste site, toxic chemicals pollute the air and water.

3. Farm workers, mainly migrant laborers, work with crops that are treated with toxic pesticides without adequate personal protective equipment.


 Topic: Food Safety



1.     Describe the topic and how it relates to the Course, Course Concepts and/or principles.


2.     Analyze the Decision-Making Process (Human) or the Environmental (Ecological) application that is used for your topic


How are Impacts or hazards measured or assessed? i.e. cost-benefit analysis, risk assessment, or health/ecological thresholds/indicators.

What are the time frames for decisions? Emergency, Law Enforcement procedures, planning process

Is there an environmental health strategy; Health Education/Promotion, Design with Nature, pollution prevention, or environmental enhancement.




Note: The 3page paper must be typed (12-14 point font), with separate reference (scholarly using MLA, APA or Scientific) and title page.


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