Environmental Problems Discussion

Topic: Global Warming

Using information from at least 3 sources of information (book, magazine, journal, or reputable website), complete a brief 2 page report (single space) to submit to the Environmental Problems Conference by 25 October. Encyclopedias such as Wikipedia only count as one reference. Cite references where appropriate within the report.

The report will include information on (1) the ecological nature of the problem, (2) possible solutions, and (3) list of references. Section (3) bibliography should include author, date, title, and sufficient source information that would allow me to look it up. Reputable websites include those created by scientific organizations or major news organizations. Avoid commercial websites that are trying to sell something or advocacy websites that promote one point of view. The report should be in your own words and not include cut & paste passages from websites.

athologic Condition Diabetes type one and type 2 you will research and discuss the following topics:


  • The signs and symptoms of the pathologic condition
  • The treatments for and any prevention of the pathologic condition
  • The short and long-term consequences of the pathologic condition


Your discussion must include the following requirements:


  • Must be three pages in length
  • Include a title page, reference page and in-text citations in APA formatting
  • A minimum of three credible references


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