Materials you will need for this project:

Topic :



1. What are some medically significant plants used to cure or treat diseases or other conditions? (at least four from a variety of phyla/divisions)

2. What diseases do they cause and how can these diseases be prevented/treated? AND/OR . . .

3. What conditions/diseases are these plants (or chemicals produced by them) used to cure or treat?

4. What are some current issues these organisms may be involved in or affected by?

· Example slides (annotated) and PowerPoint guidelines Preview the document

· Presentation guidelines Preview the document (see below)

· Group presentation rubric Preview the document

Group Presentation Criteria

· Group size: 3 students (2 or 4 only if necessary)

· Presentation Length: 10 minutes

· Presentation format: any visual/audio format supported by the lab computer; bring on flashdrive to load at beginning of lab session (wireless is not reliable!); or bring HDMI compatible device

· Group participation: Each member has equal involvement in preparation and presentation

· Topic breadth: Each question addressed (see rubric ideas for more)

· Topic depth: Information provided for basic understanding

· Vocabulary consistent with what has been covered in course

· Additional grading: rubric and peer review (20 points total)

· Sources: Reliable, credible sources include: (and must be cited properly; at least 3 outside sources)

· peer-reviewed journals

· science magazines

· Areas of Scoring for Presentation Development and Delivery (rubric to be posted soon)

· Content (10 points)

· coverage

· answers provided for each of the questions

· depth

· relevance

· outside sources

· connection to lab/course work

· organization

· flow of information/sequencing

· introduction

· flow logical

· not too choppy (good transitions between subjects)

· conclusion/wrap-up

· use of coursework topics/concepts/vocabulary

· Presentation (7 points)

· visual design

· slides clean, easy to see/read, not cluttered; minimum of text

· visuals appropriate, good resolution

· sources cited

· use of animations limited, appropriate

· minimal or no errors

· oral delivery

· eye contact, vocal level and tone, posture

· notes minimally or not used at all

· rehearsed, little or no stumbling, pausing

· Teamwork (3 points)

· each had role in oral presentation

· each fielded questions

· each had role in construction and design of presentation

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