Question 34. 34.

Atherosclerosis is due to:

(Points : 1)

A. smoking        B. exercise        C. accumulated fatty substances in the arterial wall.        D. small veins.

Question 35. 35. Not smoking, exercise, reducing LDLs, and maintaining a good weight are the best way to prevent heart disease. (Points : 1)


Question 36. 36.

The site of production for B-Lymphocytes.

(Points : 1)

A. lymph nodes        B. thymus gland        C. spleen        D. bone marrow

Question 37. 37. Site of production of T-cells. (Points : 1)

A. lymph glands        B. thymus gland        C. spleen        D. bone marrow

Question 38. 38. Original site of production for lymphocytes. (Points : 1)

A. Red bone marrow        B. thymus gland        C. liver        D. spleen

Question 39. 39.

The wall that separates the left and right ventricles is called:

(Points : 1)

A. the endocardium        B. the apex        C. the septum        D. the purkinje fibers

Question 40. 40. The chamber of the heart which receives relatively unoxygenated blood from the body. (Points : 1)

A. right atrium        B. right ventricle        C. left atrium        D. left ventricle

Question 41. 41. The valve that opens to pump blood to the body other than the lungs (during systemic circulation.) (Points : 1)

A. tricuspid        B. Mitral        C. pulmonary semilunar        D. aortic semilunar

Question 42. 42. The blood vessel that brings venous blood flow from the lower body to the heart. (Points : 1)

A. right brachial vein        B. right internal jugular vein        C. inferior vena cava        D. the femoral vein

Question 43. 43. The thickest chamber of the heart which pumps the blood to the body. (Points : 1)

A. right atrium        B. left atrium        C. right ventricle        D. left ventricle

Question 44. 44. The valve which allows blood to flow from the right atrium to the right ventricle. (Points : 1)

A. tricuspid        B. mitral        C. pulmonary semilunar        D. aortic semilunar

Question 45. 45. The vessels carrying oxygenated blood from the lungs to the heart. (Points : 1)

A. Pulmonary arteries        B. Pulmonary veins        C. Left brachial vein

Question 46. 46. The conical tip which lies on the diaphragm, points to the left for most people, and allows the heartbeat to be heard most clearly. (Points : 1)

A. the pinna        B. the septum        C. the apex        D. the bundle of His

Question 47. 47. The large artery supplying main branches throughout the thorax. (Points : 1)

A. Great sapphenous        B. aorta        C. inferior vena cava        D. hepatic

Question 48. 48. The mitral valve lies between (Points : 1)

A. right atrium and right ventricle        B. the right ventricle and the pulmonary trunk        C. the left atrium and left ventricle        D. the left ventricle and the aorta

Question 49. 49. This vessel returns blood to the heart and lies under the clavicle. (Points : 1)

A. brachiocephalic        B. the right subclavian artery        C. the left brachial vein        D. the left subclavian vein

Question 50. 50. This vessel is often used in bypass surgeries and runs up the medial leg. (Points : 1)

A. the femoral artery        B. the left great saphenous vein        C. the obturator        D. the common aortic bifurcation

Question 51. 51. Used to return blood from the arm. (Points : 1)

A. the left brachial vein.        B. the brachiocephalic artery        C. the carotid arteries        D. the jugular veins

Question 52. 52. Provides venous return from the head. (Points : 1)

A. right subclavian artery        B. left and right carotid arteries        c. left brachial vein        D. right internal jugular vein

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