Laboratory Term Project

The final report will consist of 3 sections (below). A rubric will be provided to you depending on the nature of your project.

A written overview of what you did and what you found (3 pages, double spaced, 12 pt. font)

All of your data tables and observations

Photographs of your plant throughout the semester

Observations should be taken regularly, at least twice a week. All observations should be recorded, either in a notebook or in a spreadsheet program. The exact parameters being measured will vary depending on your project, but should include some of the following:

Correct scientific name of the plant

Characteristics of the plant (use the anatomy terms we cover in class!)

Closely related species

Height measurements (remember to use metric units)

Color observations

Age of the plant (easily attainable from the date you start your observations)

Any other plants growing on or near your plant

Observations of the immediate area (what is the plant growing next to?)

Temperature and light conditions

Any fertilizer use or pruning

Any pesticide applications

Frequency of watering (or rainfall)

Any visible damage (either caused by pests or human activity)

Any animals interacting with the plant (bird nests, squirrels, cats, etc.)

Loss of leaves

Development of new structures (fruits, strobili, tendrils, adventitious roots, etc.)

Anything specific that you notice. If it catches your eye, write it down and take a pic!


Day of the final exam, midnight. Submit electronically via Blackboard as instructed in Assignments (i.e. SafeAssign). For each day your grade will be reduced by a 10% of the maximum possible for such grade.

Remember that this is a plant project. That means no algae, no fungi and no lichens. Mosses and liverworts are okay. If you’re not sure what you’re looking at, just ask!


Data sheets 5 points

Photographs 2 points

Write-up 3 points

Grade Rubric

10 All elements of the report are fulfilled. Work was handed in on time. Formatting is complete:

9 Minor general errors, mostly complete, lacking minor details.

8 Mostly complete, some error or omissions.

7 Sizable omissions.

6 Major problem but still a complete project

5 Not acceptable

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