85. When competing products or services are similar, buyers may obtain value based on the

company’s ____________.

a. portfolio

b. image

c. efficiency

d. efforts

86. ____________ analysis compares the value of the strategic business units (SBUs) of firms.

a. Creative

b. Systems

c. Organizational

d. Portfolio

87. The physician-hospital relationships fall into three broad categories: noneconomic integration,

economic integration, and ____________ integration.

a. employee

b. formal

c. personal

d. clinical

88. Governance mechanisms of alliances include (1) joint ownership in which partners share

control of some or all alliance assets; (2) contracts that specify rights and obligations of

alliance partners; (3) _____________ that rely on trust and goodwill; or (4) some combination

of these.

a. formal rewards

b. informal rewards

c. formal agreements

d. informal agreements20

Final Examination

HCA 320 Essentials of Managed Care

89. ____________ and conflict-management systems are subsets of relational norms underlying

the process exchange over time.

a. Trust

b. Intent

c. Productivity

d. Competition

90. A major difficulty that organizations face in addressing alliance problems is actually their

inability to identify the ____________ correctly.

a. truth

b. strengths

c. problem

d. structure

91. An example of an appropriate way to deal with an alliance problem is ____________.

a. implementing performance monitors

b. swapping capabilities

c. creating governing boards

d. creating a system of checks and balances

92. To form a successful alliance, the members of the alliance need to be able to learn from their

experience and to build additional _____________ as needed.

a. lines of evidence

b. outputs

c. capital

d. capabilities

93. Willingness to put alliance interests first is a key factor of the _____________ stage of a life

cycle model of organizational alliances in health care.

a. critical crossroads

b. maturity

c. emergence

d. transition

94. ____________ partners are not particularly interested in the strategic aspirations of the other

partner in the alliance relationship.

a. Indifferent

b. Cooperative

c. Quasi-cooperative

d. Competitive 21

Final Examination

HCA 320 Essentials of Managed Care

95. The ____________ (HIPAA) limits the ability of new employers to exclude coverage for

preexisting conditions.

a. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

b. Health Inspection Portability and Accountability Act

c. Heath Insurance Preferentially and Accountability Act

d. Health Inspection Preferentially and Accountability Act

96. The ____________ of 1986 is designed to prevent institutions from denying care to anyone

seeking emergency medical treatment, regardless of citizenship, insurance status, or ability to


a. Emergency Medical Transfer and Litigation Act (EMTALA)

b. Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA)

c. Emergency Medical Treatment and Litigation Act (EMTALA)

d. Emergency Medical Transfer and Labor Act (EMTALA)

97. The ____________ stores information regarding physicians’ and dentists’ professional

competence and conduct.

a. National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB)

b. Network of Competencies Data Bank (NCDB)

c. National Record of Health Care Provider Competencies (NRHCPC)

d. Network of Known Practitioner Errors (NKPE)

98. One approach to aligning the IS function with the rest of the organization includes the

idea that IS function should _____________ that of the organization.

a. control

b. unite

c. supplement

d. mirror

99. Successful strategic _____________ should result in a set of IS projects that the organization

has identified as important to its strategic direction or for sustaining existing capabilities.

a. values

b. governance

c. implementation

d. alignment

100. The construction phase of the systems development life cycle (SDLC) includes system

design, building, and _____________.

a. testing

b. selling

c. marketing


d. contracting

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