In a certain plant species, some individual plants may have only white, red or pink flowers. In an experiment a plant with white flowers was crossed with a parent with red flowers. Show results of Fl generation. Use letter R for red gene and W for white gene.

Question 1

Personal habits and individual choices can impact a person’s risk of developing cancer. What are some lifestyle changes that could be made to decrease a person’s risk of developing cancer.

Question 2

examine cellular interactions to recognize contributive factors to mental and physical being;

Question 3

In many areas where WHO works, there are many illnesses caused by different types of microorganisms.  Understanding the field of microbiology will help you to sort out the harmful and beneficial effects of microorganisms.  Think about what you already know about microbes.  Are they all bad? See if you can think of beneficial and harmful microorganisms.  What tools would you need to identify microorganisms that cause disease?

Question 4

Trace the history of microbiology, choose one scientist, what did this scientist discover, and how did it impact the human life?

Question 5

Please watch the following short video regarding the chain of infection.

After watching the video, briefly discuss the chain of infection for the following examples, indicating the following; what type of pathogen is this, what disease does it cause, mode of transmission of this pathogen, and does it need a vector for transmission?

1. E. coli

2. Toxoplasma gondii

3. Plasmodium falciparum

4. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

5. Influenza virus

6. Histoplasma capsulatum

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