Here are the instructions for the genocide paper topic proposal discussed in class today. It must contain the topic you plan on covering and your planned thesis. It needs to be two paragraphs in length and include a bibliography of seven academic sources (books or peer reviewed journal articles) you plan on using for the paper not including The Bone Woman. Citation style is up to you as long as it is a recognized style and you are consistent. The first page of the articles or a synopsis of the book is also required so we can ensure they are appropriate sources.paragraph 1 :Topic Information ,Choose one genocide from the book and pick smaller topic(children, effects after genocide or women).Paragraph 2:Introduce thesis .

Topic: Is coffee a healthy addiction?


· Research a topic of your choice and find the ‘true science’ behind it by looking for information in scientific journals. You may work in teams of 2. Summarize your findings in a written report (3-4 pages, single spaced). For extra credit, you have the choice to give a 10 minute in-class presentation on your research.

Goals and Objectives

· The goal of this exercise is for you to learn:

· how to go about researching a topic of your choice;

· how to find scientific literature; and

· how to extract pertinent information and present this information in a meaningful and scientific way that is engaging for your fellow classmates.


· Get most of your information from what are called ‘primary sources’ – peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals.

· The most convenient way to get information is usually the internet, but there is often no way of knowing if that information is actually correct. Articles published in scientific journals go through a lengthy peer review process to ensure the science behind the results is solid and the results are reproducible and trustworthy.

· Make sure you include all relevant references and sources – and keep in mind that a good research project references many sources!


When I grade your project, I will pay close attention to the following points:

– Choice of topic: Is it of general interest? Captivating topic? Comment by BillMott: Might need to explain this? Do you mean title?

– Clarity of content, level of scientific detail, good command of language, incorporation of data in graph or table format to support points

– Bibliography: citing scientific references according to the attached guidelines

-Plagiarism is not allowed. You need to take the information from your sources, express it in your own words, and credit the appropriate sources.

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