MHA 5001 Unit IV Research Paper Outline

The research paper in this course gives you the opportunity to study an important healthcare finance problem or challenge, analyze it in depth, and present your findings in an APA-formatted paper due in Unit VIII. Any topic introduced in this course may be selected for your paper. It is a good idea to conduct Internet research on potential topics that you are considering for your research paper before selecting one. You will want to determine that plenty of information is available online for incorporation into your paper.

In preparing for the research paper, you will submit your research paper outline which will critically analyze issues related to your topic.

The research paper outline you submit must meet the following requirements:

· be at least one page in length (not including the cover and reference pages),

· include an original thesis,

· describe the approach that you will take to research the subject thesis,

· describe key methodologies for the practical application of financial management in healthcare organizations,

· discuss the future of healthcare financial management in the United States, and

· include five references.

Biology class. Must be 150 words must cite work.

Charles Darwin used artificial selection as a model to illustrate natural selection. What is artificial selection? Give an example of artificial selection that has not been previously discussed. Explain how your example of artificial selection came to be. Read and comment on your classmates posts.

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