Qualitative Article


  • Submit assignment by the deadline in Canvas
  • Write an article summary (approximately ½ page double-spaced) including:
    • Background on the public health issue,
    • Article purpose,
    • Methods,
    • Results, and
    • Study strengths and weaknesses
    • This summary should be in your own words. No credit will be earned for quoted material or plagiarized content.
  • Include 1 critical thinking question about the article.
    • Critical Thinking Questions should:
      • Be related to the research methods or analysis.
      • Focus on confusing aspects or higher level issues associated with this type of research design (qualitative or quantitative).
      • Be thought-provoking and require higher-levels of thinking
    • Critical Thinking Questions should NOT:
      • Be answered with a 1 word response OR based on a single sentence in the article
      • Be based on the public health topic in general

Late Submissions will not be accepted!

Grading Rubric

10 points – Article Summary

5 points – Critical Thinking Question

ACSM Position Statement: Exercise & Type II Diabetes

  1. Please click on the link below to the ACSM position statement and read it thoroughly.
  2. Find a recently (within the last 3 years) published peer-reviewed scientific article related to a specific cognate area discussed in the ACSM position statement.
  3. In this week’s forum, discuss the specific findings/concepts of the article you found and relate them to how they apply to the athlete. Be sure to summarize the article for your classmates as an introduction. Please feel free to elaborate on anything in the article that goes beyond the lecture material and that you find interesting. Word counts should be 250 or more for a substantive and meaningful post.
  4. List your reference for the article in your forum response.

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