End of Scene 3

Health Care Marketing Learnscape 3: Patient Satisfaction

Health Care Marketing Learnscape 3 FINAL December 12, 2012 8

Scene 4: The Receptionist

The student is now in front of the receptionist window. The receptionist is there, but doesn’t

immediately greet the student.

Location Urgent Care Reception Desk

Scene setup Lisa Leon is behind the desk, facing the student.

On-screen characters Lisa Leon, receptionist

Off-screen characters None

On-screen text: It doesn’t look like the receptionist notices you. You’d better get her attention…

STUDENT Excuse me…

LISA [Looks up, seemingly bothered by the interruption] Can I help you?

STUDENT Hello. I’m here to meet with Lisa Leon and Therese Holt.

LISA RESPONSE [Still not vey cheerful] And you are…

On Screen Text: Type your name here.

Note: A box appears in which the student can enter their name.

LISA [Cheers up] Oh yes, you’ve been working with James. I’m Lisa. I was told that

you were coming. Let me call for someone to cover the phones and I’ll let

Therese know you are here.

End of Scene 4

Health Care Marketing Learnscape 3: Patient Satisfaction

Health Care Marketing Learnscape 3 FINAL December 12, 2012 9

Scene 5: Meeting with Employees

In this scene, the student will be meeting with Lisa Leon, the Receptionist, and Therese Holt, a Nurse

Practitioner, to learn more about the processes and experiences from the employees’ viewpoint. This

information will be combined with the survey results sent from James Melbourne to develop a data

analysis and recommendation for the urgent care facility.

Location Urgent Care break room

Scene setup Lisa and Therese are both sitting at the table, facing the student.

On-screen characters Lisa Leon and Therese Holt

Off-screen characters None

On screen text: Your meeting with Lisa Leon, receptionist, and Therese Holt, nurse practitioner, in the

break room is about to begin…


[To student]

This is Therese Holt, one of our nurse practitioners.

**STUDENT OPTION 1 Thank you both for taking your lunch hour meet with me.

STUDENT OPTION 2 I appreciate your time and I know that you are busy, so I will keep this brief.

Student can select either response to continue.

THERESE James told us you’re working to find ways to improve the overall patient

experience at our facility.


Yes. Can you tell me about the process patients go through when they visit your


THERESE Lisa, why don’t you start with this one since you are the first person who sees

the patient?

LISA Sure, alright. Sometimes patients call ahead of time and let us know they are

coming but often our patients are just walk ins. They check in with me and I

begin gathering their information.

THERESE Pardon me for interrupting, but if the patient presents more serious symptoms

such as shortness of breath or confusion, Lisa will call for the triage nurse to

come out right away to evaluate the patient before taking any information for

the patient chart. And of course, if they have life-threatening symptoms, we get

Health Care Marketing Learnscape 3: Patient Satisfaction

Health Care Marketing Learnscape 3 FINAL December 12, 2012 10

them transported to an emergency room.

LISA Good point, yes. But if that isn’t the case, I continue asking them for the

information to complete their chart. Then I ask them to have a seat and wait to

be called.


Do you explain cost to the patients at this time?


What do you typically tell patients about treatment costs or billing?

Student can choose either option to get a response, but must select the correct option to continue.


LISA RESPONSE 2 I tell them what their co-pay is and collect it at that time.


What types of questions or responses do you get from the patients at this


**STUDENT OPTION 2 Are most patients cooperative?

Student can choose either option to continue.


Most are pretty cooperative. Of course they always want to know the wait time

or how many people are in front of them, things like that. But sometimes I get

patients who don’t even want to give me the information to complete their

chart for the nurses and doctor. They sort of just demand to see a doctor. But

that isn’t too often.

THERESE RESPONSE 1 Lisa does a great job as the gatekeeper. People don’t want to be here and Lisa

sometimes has to take the brunt of the intolerance that goes along with that.

Student must select all three of the following options in order to continue. Responses are shown directly

below the option.

Health Care Marketing Learnscape 3: Patient Satisfaction

Health Care Marketing Learnscape 3 FINAL December 12, 2012 11


Lisa, what are typical patient comments that you hear in the waiting area?


Oh gosh, I hear it all. Patients want to know what is taking so long. They want to

know if there is another area to wait because they don’t want to catch

something they don’t already have. Sometimes we have an influx of patients all

at once and they get impatient standing in line waiting for me to help the

patients in front of them.


Therese, what are some of the patient comments that you receive in the

treatment area?

THERESE RESPONSE 2 The “not wanting to wait” spills over into the treatment area, too. Once I take a

patient back, they expect immediate treatment and sometimes get impatient as

I take history and vitals. Sometimes patients want a complete diagnosis and we

can’t always give that to them. We do not have the facility or equipment to run

every type of test to make a definitive diagnosis on some things. I don’t think

patients always realize this.

STUDENT OPTION 3 What is the most satisfying part of your job?


I really like my job but I get overwhelmed when there are a lot of patients and

they become difficult to deal with. My motivation comes from being part of a

team that is there to help people who are ill or injured.

THERESE RESPONSE 3 I agree with Lisa. I would say that I am very satisfied with team that we have

here. We all work together very well.

STUDENT OPTION 4 What would you like to see done differently at this facility?


I think the biggest thing would be to provide more privacy for our patients. In

addition to their personal information, I ask a lot of medical questions. I don’t

think the patients like giving answers that can be overheard by others in the

waiting area.

THERESE RESPONSE 4 It’s the same in the treatment area. We have some rooms with doors, but to

accommodate the large number of patients during busy times, we have

treatment areas with curtains. This does not provide privacy for talking with

patients about their medical issues.

Health Care Marketing Learnscape 3: Patient Satisfaction

Health Care Marketing Learnscape 3 FINAL December 12, 2012 12

I also think we all need to remember that we are in the customer service

business. I would like to see Bright Road offer more training programs in areas

of leadership and customer service. I think we all do the best that we can, but a

little training or reminders may go a long way.


Can either of you tell me about interaction with management and the type of

feedback that you receive?


I don’t really get much feedback from anyone. I have my annual reviews but

that is about it. I assume that everything is okay if I don’t hear anything, but it

would be nice to get some sort of feedback, so I know the areas in which I can


THERESE RESPONSE 1 I would say that the medical staff could also use a little more feedback. We

have monthly meetings with management to review processes and updates.

But it seems that a few of us meet and the information doesn’t go beyond the

meeting. It’s a waste of information, and our time.

STUDENT Thank you both for taking the time to meet with me today.


You’re welcome. It is nice to have somebody actually take an interest in things

from our perspective.

THERESE Yes, you are welcome. If I can think of anything else to add, I will certainly call

you and feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

End of Scene 5

Health Care Marketing Learnscape 3: Patient Satisfaction

Health Care Marketing Learnscape 3 FINAL December 12, 2012 13

Scene 6: Your Recommendation

In this scene, the student will email their recommendations for improvement to James Melbourne in an


Location Student’s office

Scene setup Student if facing the computer

On-screen characters None

Off-screen characters None

On screen text: Analyze the information you’ve gathered in an organized manner and create a 250-500-

word recommendation to James Melbourne. Your recommendation should include:

 A service delivery gap analysis and how to create customer value at the urgent care facility.

 The role the frontline personnel and their role in high quality service.

 Specific suggestions on how to improve the total patient experience at the urgent care facility.

Note: A blank email is on screen, with the To field populated with James Melbourne. The Subject reads:

Confidential: Suggestions for Urgent Care Facility Improvements. The student types a recommendation,

and clicks Send to send the email. On screen text appears when the message has been sent.

On screen text: Your recommendation has been sent.


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