Sections 0 1 2 Points:

Title Page No cover page Incomplete cover page Cover page with proper format, complete information, and informative title

0 3 7

Abstract No abstract

Doesn’t reflect on the entirety of the report including all major sections; too short, or too long

Good- appropriate summary provided with appropriate length

5 10 15 20

Introduction Poor- Missing information, or too vague; too short; no research

Adequate- Satisfactory introduction with major topics; information unclear; poorly researched

Good- Proficient introduction that states major topic and hypotheses; information clear; decently researched

Excellent- Well developed introduction and clearly introduces the topic; good length; good unlabeled hypotheses; well researched

0 3 6

Methods No Procedures Incorrect procedures; missing steps; improper format

Correct procedures with proper format

3 5 7 10

Results Results given either only in tables/figures or only in text

Satisfactory description of results; included insufficient supporting tables/figures

Results stated vaguely with some observations; included tables/figures

Results stated with clear description of observations; tables/figures included with captions and references in text

5 10 15 25


Poor- Limited information of topic; lack of discussion of results; complete lack of understanding of experiment

Adequate- Some aspects of paper researched; limited discussion of results; too short; does not address hypotheses, nor sources of errors; some understanding; addresses few questions

Good- Well researched, but limited detail; addresses either sources of error, OR hypotheses; decent length; good understanding of the experiment

Excellent- Well developed discussion of results; exceptionally researched; hypotheses and sources of error evaluated; real-world application included; good conclusion; all possible questions were addressed

1 3 5 8

Organization Lacks clear and logical development; does not follow any format; no/poor transitions

Somewhat clear and logical; follows some format; weak transitions; improper section formatting

Clear and logical; follows good format; good transitions; problems with section formatting

Exceptionally clear and logical; follows excellent format; excellent transitions

1 5 10

Language/ Grammar Inconsistent/inapropriate grammar, spelling, and paragraphing throughout

Some errors in grammar, spelling, and paragraphing

Paper is clear and concise; proper grammar, spelling, and paragraphing

1 3 6

In-text Citations Inconsistent use of in-text citations with improper format

Somewhat inconsistent use of in-text citations with proper format

Cosistent use of in-text citations with proper format

1 3 6

Bibliography Lack of proper format, sources missing or incomplete

Some errors in format; most sources shown

Use of proper format; all sources shown



Deductions: /100 Total


PID: BSC 1010L- General Biology I Lab Lab Report Rubric


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