Description Unit 4 homework 2 cooperative assignment pages 4-75 through 4-77 of the 9th edition of the Human Biology: Condensed.

Select the letter of the most appropriate answer.

examples include base substitutions and deletions
person who has one recessive allele for a recessive genetic disorder
type of DNA used to prepare a DNA profile
continuing process by which all organisms on earth now share the same genetic code
genes contain the coded instructions to manufacture __________
custom genes that can be inserted into other DNA strands
genes on this chromosome were used to determine the ancestry of Sally Hemings’ descendants
combined DNA from multiple sources
genetic analysis used to trace the ancestry of all humans from Africa
method of cleaning up environmental; pollution with GM organisms
new genetic editing technology that uses small pieces of RNA to find specific locations in the DNA strand
A. Amino Acids
B. Bioremediation
C. Carrier
E. Evolution
F. GM Organism(s)
G. Mitochondrial DNA
H. Point Mutation(s)
I. Protein(s)
J. Recombinant DNA
K. Non-Coding DNA
L. Transgene
M. X Chromosome
N. Y Chromosome

Question 2

 A child with the genes for PKU (a recessive disorder that leads to brain damage because proteins aren’t digested properly) is raised to adulthood under a strict low-protein diet that prevents the gene from being activated. He lives a normal life and eventually becomes a father. As a genetic counselor, explain whether the fact that his gene is inactive affects the probability his future children might inherit the PKU allele. Be complete. Explain the reasoning you used to reach your conclusion.

Question 3  

When Theodore Conroy left his house to go to work on Tuesday morning, he saw that his car windows were broken and graffiti was painted his vehicle. When the police arrived to investigate, they found blood on the broken glass. Mr. Conroy had a bandage on his right hand. According to his own statement, Mr. Conroy accidentally cut himself at work.

When the police talked to various neighbors to ask if they had seen or heard anything, they were told that Mr. Conroy had a long-standing dispute with his cousin, Sean Williams, and that Mr. Williams might be to blame for the damage. When they visited the Williams’ residence, they noticed Mr. Williams had a bandage on his left hand. When asked about it, he denied the vandalism and said he cut himself trimming bushes in his yard.

Mr. Williams suggested that teenagers were likely to be responsible for the damage. Tracking down several teenagers who had been seen in the neighborhood, it was discovered that David Tucker was present during the time frame the vandalism took place and he had cuts and scrapes on both hands. Mr. Tucker denied the vandalism and told the police he scraped his hands in a skateboard accident. The police obtained warrants for DNA samples from all three men involved for comparison with the blood on the car. Table 4-6 shows the results of the DNA testing. Based on the DNA evidence, should any of the men that were interviewed be considered a suspect for this crime? Explain your answer.

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