Evaluation of Personal Vitality with Relation to Basic Determinants of Health & Wellness

Apply holistic and vitalist philosophies by examining your overall health and wellness.

Explain why holistic evaluation is an effective measure of overall vitality. In order to create a deeper analysis of your overall holistic health, evaluate your engagement with natural rhythms (both internal and external) and other basic determinants of holistic health, including but not limited to the criteria in the attached Evaluation of Personal Vitality document. In this portion of your paper, include the headers from the attached evaluation document (Sleep, Energy, Appetite, etc.) and answer each question with a minimum of one to two complete sentences. Then, describe the improvements that could be made in these areas and where these could be employed in the cultivation of self-care practices.  Address the following guiding questions in your response:

· How might improvements in these determinants affect your PHC?

· How could you apply concepts of holism to the understanding of the interdependence between yourself and your environment?

Support your conclusions with a minimum of two scholarly sources; one may be the course textbook. Writing the AssignmentYour Evaluation of Personal Vitality with Relation to Basic Determinants of Health and Wellness: 

1. Must be at least three double-spaced pages in length (excluding title and reference pages), and formatted according to APA style

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