Applied Sciences

PAD 3003 Intro to Public Administration Module 7 Chapters 13-14 do not Turnitin 3 assignments due July 16

Assignment 1- Module 7 Discussion – Part 1

Do you think that the federal government should be able to directly tax people? Why or why not? Do you think progressive, regressive or proportional taxes are better?

Assignment 2- Module 7 Essay Assignment

1. After reading Chapter Thirteen prepare a short 100 word essay that addresses the following:

Discuss the inherently political process in the government budgeting and allocation of public resources.

2. After reading Chapter Fourteen prepare a short 100 word essay that addresses the following:

Explain the mission of the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Include the organizations that undertake governmental program evaluations, and why do they do it.

DIRECTIONS: Place essay responses in a Word document, identifying each.

The essay assignments are designed to measure your level of critical thinking to the questions presented. In other words, do not simply formulate an answer around the assigned reading(s), rather add to your essay thought provoking ideas, interpretations, and new perspectives. Sustain your comments with outside sources. Be sure to cite and reference your sources in your essay response.

Assignment 3- Module 7 Research article


Using this school library , locate one scholarly article that discusses how the decision making process contributes to the formation of public policy. For this article prepare a summary and evaluation paper as follows:

Page One Article Title: List the article publication information using APA style for reference list citations, “e.g. Smith, N (2005). Information technology in the public sector. Technology and Public Administration Journal, 12(3), 125-136.”

Page Two Summary (must be at least 100 words): Summarize the article’s main theme and summarize its conclusion(s).

Page Three Evaluation (must be at least 100 words): Critique the article giving your opinion and citing other scholarly articles in support of your critique.

Place this assignment in the submission box as a Word Doc Attachment

The research assignment is designed to introduce the student to peer reviewed academic research. Here the student searches databases, journals, articles that contribute to the field of knowledge based on the subject matter presented in this module, generally found in the reading assignment. The elements of public administration and public safety administration are constantly changing. It is important the student research sources within the last 5 years unless the source has not been updated by more current research and is still appropriate to the module’s subject matter.

Students are graded at three levels. 1. Locating a proper peer reviewed article. 2. Paraphrasing in 100 words the article’s main theme and its conclusion(s). 3. The ability to discuss one’s thoughts through critical thinking critiquing the article and using other scholarly sources to support such the critique.

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