Applied Sciences

The Chief Executive Officer of Battleground University Medical Center is concerned about the overall competency level regarding healthcare privacy and security. Using the simplified HIPAA link below.  Create an in-service education program for the Medical Center.

The Training Program will be conducted as an interdepartmental workshop which includes three departments.  How would you respond to the CEO? You have one week to create your draft plan to the CEO. Provide your documentation including topics, agenda, training schedule, key points, etc.

a.       Your Role:   Chief Privacy Officer

b.       Your Task:   Create a plan for a HIPAA interdepartmental workshop

c.       Your Task:   Create an agenda, a training plan which lists departments in groups of three and a PowerPoint of the workshop.

Follow APA format with all assignment

Cite your references

Please follow the requirements of the assignment and questions please message me

 Part 2: Identifying Challenges/Compare & Contrast 1. Identify and describe two potential challenges for each of the four areas of development (physical, social/emotional, cognitive, and spiritual/moral) that may arise with your chosen individual (Maria, Isabel, or Carlos). 2. Give recommendations to help overcome or improve the potential challenges. • All recommendations must be supported with expert and/or scholarly research. 3. How do the challenges that your chosen individual might face differ from those that their family members might face? Part 3: Social Situations 2. Identify multicultural challenges that your chosen individual may face as a recent refugee. • What are some of the issues that can arise for someone who has recently immigrated to a new country? • Explain how these multicultural challenges could impact your chosen individual’s four areas of development? 3. Suggest plans of action or resources that you feel should be provided to this family to assist them in proper development.

Part 2: Identifying Challenges/Compare & Contrast • Proposal paper which identifies and describes two potential challenges for each of the four areas of development for your chosen individual. • Recommend solutions to potential challenges. • Articulate differences between the potential challenges that the different family members’ may face. • 3

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