Applied Sciences

Project instructions:


#1. Using the demographic location nearest to your home, select one major issue that relates to

your local community. Correlate that topic to the chapter you chose.

component in this phase of the project.

#2. Describe the issue or the disease. Identify the agency or program in your area who assist.

After School Programs; Community resources for children with special needs, or persons

with drug/alcohol struggles. *Supported paperwork-pamphlets are expected with your hard copy.

Be sure to include website information.

#3. Interview the health educator, social worker or administrator, or volunteer working in the program.

Be sure to ask about their educational background if they are a coordinator, or administrator.

#4. Interview questions must be written down, (eight-ten interview questions) and replies from

the interviewee must accompany this segment of your project. This segment of your project

must be computer generated. Type the question, type the response from the person you

interviewed. Program identification and contact information must be placed on the cover of

your project.

#5. In class presentation (June 24thh, during class). *Download to blackboard prior to June 24th.


RUBRIC: Completion of #s: 1,2,3,4,5 will be awarded two points each. Project total points 10 points.

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