Applied Sciences

“Property Crime and Practical Reflection”

Think about what you learned this week about property crime and techniques of neutralization as you respond to the following:

List the differences between burglary, robbery, and theft of property.
Apply “techniques of neutralization” from your textbook to answer the following statement: Most students disapprove of cheating on exams, but some nonetheless cheat. List possible justifications such students might give for their cheating behavior. Which techniques of neutralization do these justifications illustrate?


  • Compile and include your photographic presentations from Weeks 1–4 in  the Final Project photographic series template or your own PowerPoint  format. Review the Milestone Assignments in the Final Project Summary to  assure that you have included all elements of your project. Consider  the process that you used to create each photograph in your photographic  series.
  • Compose the last photograph in your series to reflect a logical  conclusion to your photographic series that communicates the theme of  the message or story chosen in Week 1.
  • Compile your complete 5-photograph series.
  • Write a 2- to 3-paragraph assessment of your  success in conveying the theme and message or story through your  photographic series. Include answers to the following questions:
    • Are there any elements of photography in your photographic  series that you would change? How might this change the perception of  the viewer? How might this change the message or story of the  photographic series?
    • What considerations did you make in respect to the process of  your photographic series to influence the perception of the viewer?
    • How will the viewer benefit from your photographic series?

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