Applied Sciences

Reflect on your previous speeches and self-reviews and consider your growth in effective speaking skills. In which one of the areas do you feel as if you experienced the most growth? Provide specific ways in which you improved in this criteria.

  1. Introduction (gained audience’s attention)
  2. Conclusion (reinforced central idea)
  3. Strong eye contact and expressive voice

In healthcare forecasting and projections are used to look at future possibilities for the organization. Projections are based on current information viewed in the future, thus the outcome is based on current operations projected further out.

Forecasting, according to Merriam Webster, is defined as “to calculate or predict some future event of the condition, usually as a result of study and analysis of available pertinent data.” Forecasts offer more flexibility in their “what if” scenarios and assumed outcomes, but this also can be their deficit as well as the prediction often leads the forward movement, directly impacting the overall outcome of the event.


Discuss one of the scenarios below, making forecasts of your own. Review existing posts from classmates and select a different scenario so all are covered.

In your initial discussion post please address the following:

Physical cost (space, equipment, etc)
Staffing cost
Ongoing training & support
Potential issues requiring pre-planning
1. A physician’s office implements an electronic health record system.

2. Workflow Process Improvement: Add a clinical team member in the ICU of a hospital who is adding 5 beds to the unit.

3. A community hospital launches a women’s healthcare service line which will be located on campus in an existing building.

4. A hospital develops a physician evaluation program in alignment with new standards requiring staff to train and oversee the program.

5. An assisted living facility, with 1 licensed nurse, launches a new telemedicine service which will provide well and sick appointments 3 days weekly for residents.

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