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The role of hazard communication training is simply to describe and strengthen the information offered to workers via the written mediums of labels and material safety data sheets and to concern this information in the workplace. Labels and material safety data sheets can merely be successful when workers understand the information accessible and are conscious of the actions to be taken to avoid and reduce exposure hence the happening of adverse effects. Training assists to incorporate and organize the various pieces of information that recount to chemical hazard communication. In a typical workplace a worker is confronted with posted hazard warnings, signs, tags, incoming labels, workplace labels, material safety data sheets, manuals explaining the company hazard communication program, lists of chemicals, and information furnished by the union. This wide variety of communications will differ in format, content and reading level. These differences can obscure the important hazard communication message. The employers need to offer workers with efficient information and training on hazardous chemicals in the workplace at the time of initial assignment and whenever a new physical and health hazard that workers have not been before trained on is introduced into workplace. Information and training is premeditated to cover up grouping of hazards and particular chemicals. Chemical-specific information must always be available through labels and material safety data sheets. Employees shall be informed of the essentials of this section including all operations in their work area where hazardous chemicals are present, the location and accessibility of the written hazard communication program made up of the necessary list of hazardous chemicals and material safety data sheets required by this section. Worker training shall involve at least techniques and observations that can be employed to distinguish the presence and release of a hazardous chemical in the work area the physical and health hazards of the chemicals in the work area the actions workers can take to care for themselves from these hazards consisting of specific procedures the owner has implemented to care for workers from exposure to hazardous chemicals, such as appropriate work practices, emergency procedures and personal protective paraphernalia to be applied and the information of the hazard communication program developed by the employer involving an explanation of labels and material safety data sheets and how employees can obtain and use the appropriate hazard information


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