Applied Sciences

 You are the hospital epidemiologist for the main hospital in the Wayne Sandupliin Hospital system, a three-hospital system that features the main hospital (a Level-1 trauma center) and two auxiliary hospitals East and Southwest Hospitals, each of which is approximately 60 miles from Wayne Main. Each hospital has a dedicated hospital epidemiologist. The chief medical officer (CMO), who is your direct report, has asked your opinion on the hospital hiring a system epidemiologist who would oversee the independent hospital epidemiologists, be the CMO’s line of communication to each hospital epidemiologist (right now he receives weekly and emergency reports from all three epidemiologists), and who will represent the hospital in communications with local, state, federal, and international bodies. While you would probably be the front-runner fort this position, the CMO has come to you seeking your take on whether this is a position the hospital should create. If selected, you would receive a promotion and raise, so you would probably be interested in the position and would endorse it. However, the CMO has asked you to speak as objectively as possible in reviewing his idea. In no more than three paragraphs, provide the CMO with your argument either supporting or refuting the idea.

Question 1:400 words

Since we know that this particular instance of the AppMaker implements a customer-facing store that processes financial transactions, how does that influence which threat agents may be interested in attacking it?

Question 2:600 words

The network restrictions surrounding the web authentication service is one layer of defense. As was noted, this component is too valuable to trust to a single defense. Furthermore, authentication requests are tendered by the least-trusted component in the architecture. That component, HTTP termination, resides on the least-trusted network. What additional steps can be taken?

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