Applied Sciences

In this module, you explored several theories of human development including a psychodynamic theory advanced by Freud which was later built upon by Erikson. Although the initial stages of Erikson’s work parallels Freud’s, Erikson’s theory introduced three adult stages resulting in a more comprehensive lifespan view of psychosocial development.

In your initial post:

  1. Apply Erikson’s theory to your own development and identify which of Erikson’s developmental stages you are in currently.
  2. Based on your experiences or what you have witnessed in others, suggest a new stage of development to further Erikson’s theory. Be sure to give your new stage a name, describe its characteristics (age span, behaviors, challenges, etc.), and ensure that it’s clear where it would be inserted into Erikson’s existing stages.
  3. Describe whether or not you have achieved the goal of your newly created developmental stage.

Topic: Relationship between cinematographer and production desgin

Type of paper: Essay (any type)

Discipline: Art : Cinema

Format or citation style: MLA


Watch the following video and write one page essay on the relationship between the Production Designer, Cinematographer, Costume and Makeup Designers, and Director.
Video: DP/30: Lincoln: Below The Line – Cinematographer, Costumer, Production designer, Make-up designer

Janusz Kaminski (Cinematographer), Joanna Johnston (Costume designer), Rick Carter (Production Designer), Lois Burwell (Makeup Designer).

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