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PAD3313 EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Course do not place in Turnitin just make sure no plagiarism

Module Four Chapters 8-10 due July 12

Assignment 1- Module 4 Discussion Part 1

1. Locate and summarize an article related to concepts in chapter 8-10. Discuss your article in relation to the reading (in 100 words) and cite the source of your article using APA format. (This article is NOT required to be a scholarly article however you must provide the article’s citation.)

Assignment 2-Module 4 Essay this al goes in same word doc

After reading Chapter Eight answer the following questions in 40 words each. Place the essay questions along with your answers

“What are the features of the reinforcement and expectancy theories that make them seem like carrot-and-stick methods for motivation? Why do they often work in organizations?”

“Why is it important for leaders to have a basic understanding of equity theory? Can you see ways in which some of today’s popular compensation trends, such as gain sharing or pay for performance, might contribute to perceived inequity among employees? Discuss”

2. After reading Chapter Nine answer the following questions in 40 words each. Place the essay questions along with your answers

a. “How do you think leadership communication differs from conventional management communication?”

b. “Does the Johari Window seem like a good framework for leaders who want to create better communications among team members? Can you think of potential problems a leader might encounter when applying the Johari Window?” (Please note link for this portion of the assignment) (Links to an external site.)

After reading Chapter Ten answer the following questions in 40 words each. Place the essay questions along with your answers

“Discuss the differences between a cross-functional team and a self=directed team. Do you believe self-directed teams could be effectively used in certain types of organizations? Explain.”

“What are the stages of team development? As the leader of a virtual team, how would you facilitate the team’s development through each stage?”

“Discuss the relationship between team cohesiveness and performance.”

Assignment 3- Module 4 Research Article

Research Assignment: Using locate one scholarly article that analyzes one’s capacity to think strategically and to reflect critically on one’s decision over time using self-reflective skills in leadership. For this article prepare a summary paper as follows:

Page One Article Title: List the article publication information using APA style for reference list citations, “e.g. Smith, N (2005). Information technology in the public sector. Technology and Public Administration Journal, 12(3), 125-136.”

Page Two Summary (100 words): List the article’s thesis (or hypotheses), methodology and evidence, its logic or argument, and summarizes its conclusions.

Page Three Evaluation (100 words): Using the article you summarized for Week Four, critique the article’s thesis (or hypotheses), methodology, evidence, logic, and conclusions from your perspective on the problem. Be constructively critical, suggesting how the research could be better or more useful. Be sure to cite other scholarly articles, by way of comparison and contrast, in support of your critique.

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