Applied Sciences

Please follow the Paint Video Tutorial to make a paint project, then submit the file for grading. Click Here to view the Sample Paint Projects made by the previous students. It is in a downloadable PowerPoint. One slide is one project. If you only have Mac computers and have no access to paint tools, you can try to use this website paint tool to paint your assignment at When you use this website to paint, you can save it by clicking on File — Save As your project in a graphic file, like PNG, JPEG, etc. that are compatible with Windows, and upload it for grading. Good luck!

the Paint Video Tutorial

the Sample Paint Projects

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Why is it important for health care managers to understand the types of insurance available to consumers? Provide examples.
  • Which types are you most and least familiar with? Explain.

Critical Response Rubric- Please view the videos provided on Asha Degree. The first, Trace Evidence, is a descriptive trace of the evidence in the case. The second video is the FBI clip hat includes Asha’s parents. The Third clip is an experimental walk of the route Asha is claimed to have took that night. SAY HER NAME EXAMPLE- Simply provide a name an incident where violence was inflicted on a Black Female Body (since we’ve acknowledged Breonna Taylor, please research and find someone else that the class can be made aware of.

One page double space (thoughts)/response.

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