Applied Sciences

Unit II Homework Worksheet

Claudia’s Typical Week

Part I

Complete the “smartphone” template that is provided below. Make sure that you list all of Claudia’s work, family, and personal obligations on her calendar. Use details provided about Claudia’s personal and professional life in Units I and II to help you create her schedule. You can use information from your personal life to elaborate on any missing information to provide specific details. For instance, when could she focus on her reading assignments? When could she spend time with her children? Does she need to factor in time for entertainment and/or exercise? Do not forget to include periods for rest as well. Remember, it is important to have a healthy school-work-home-life balance. Not all hours need something, but you must provide enough details to show that Claudia is meeting all of her obligations in the following areas: work, study, and family. Your schedule should help Claudia to organize her priorities while keeping her goals and personal motivation for learning in mind.















Part II

Claudia has now completed her weekly schedule while keeping her goals and personal motivations in mind. Now, reflect on Claudia’s schedule, and address the following items in an essay with a minimum of 100 words.

· Review her daily tasks. Which ones are of supreme importance? Which tasks involve interpersonal skills that are necessary when working with others?

· Could any of her tasks be scaled back or even removed?

· What is her overall personal motivation for success? Does her calendar reflect this? Does her schedule support soft skills that are needed for her academic success?

· Which items relate directly to her goals in this area?

· Are any adjustments needed?

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Part III

Now that you have helped Claudia organize her personal life, it is time to reflect upon yours. Briefly identify soft skills that you need in your daily life to help achieve academic success. List and describe interpersonal skills that you already have or need to develop in order to work effectively with others. (You must address the following items in an essay with a minimum of 100 words.)

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