Applied Sciences

We would like to implement improved type II diabetes management systems for patients at the free Clinic in Toledo. Please read the email below from Chanel (a medical student at the Clinic). Search for research articles using or Google Scholar that describe any of these types of interventions that have been attempted in Student-run Free Medical Clinics in the U.S.

In partnership with Lucas County health department, Toledo YMCA’s offer a diabetes intervention programming that comes along with A YMCA membership based on a sliding scale fee ( CCC could refer patients to the program and either use grant money to pay the cost of transportation to the programming or offset the sliding scale fee costs so that patients could attend at no cost to them (as long as YMCA is okay with that??)

Along the same lines as the YMCA, maybe looking at local gyms that would be accessible to CCC patients, and then paying for a gym membership for a select number of interested some diabetic patients.

Some of the smart phone based monitoring systems might be cool ( My thought being that the clinic could hold onto the phone inserts (then any officer, volunteer, provider, or patient’s phone could become a blood glucose monitor) , but that each patient would have their own app so that they would have access to their data outside of clinic plus all of the additional app feature. Downside, I don’t think it measures A1c from my brief research.

Another thought, would be for the development of community tracking system on the CCC website that could display key metrics like A1C over time (de-identified of course). It could be cool to display it in the clinic waiting area so that patients could see trends.

It might also be nice to have food prescriptions not just for food insecure patients but also diabetic patients. Maybe like a diabetic friendly weekly food basket

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