Applied Sciences

Please answer the following questions as completely as possible.

1. Discuss the implications of using computers in career counseling.

2. Describe and list some advantages of Computer Assisted Career Guidance Systems. How would they

help you as a career counselor?

3. According to the chapter, what would be of concern when using computers? What are the concerns?

Explain the solutions. Do you have any additional concerns and/or solutions that you consider to be

relevant in this field?

4. What are some suggestions by NCDA for using the Internet to provide career information?

5. What are some suggestion by NCDA when evaluating Computer Based Programs in the

There are TONS of no cost online career assessments that are available online. For this discussion I

would like for you to identify an assessment, link to it, discuss what the assessment attempts to

accomplish, and how you would use it when working with a client. Comment on your classmates posting

as appropriate.

As she continues her journey at CSU, Claudia has been asked to teach her fellow classmates about various learning strategies related to academic success.

Take all of the information that you have learned from the Unit III Lesson and the reading assignments, and create a PowerPoint presentation that helps Claudia teach the other students about achieving academic success at CSU. Click  here to access the PowerPoint template for this assignment.

Your presentation should contain the sections listed below.

  • Include an introduction slide.
  • Explain how memory relates to learning new information.
  • Provide information on reading strategies.
  • Discuss some note-taking strategies.
  • Discuss the types of learning styles, and state your preference.
  • Identify the learning strategies that you will use to secure your academic success at CSU.
  • Include a references slide, and list all sources that were used.

For tips on how to create a PowerPoint presentation, click  here to access a helpful tutorial. (Click  here to access the transcript for the tutorial.)

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of at least 10 slides. You must include a title slide and a references slide that lists the sources in APA format; however, these slides will not count toward meeting the minimum slide requirement. You must include at least one reference, which can be your textbook.

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