Applied Sciences

Theology week 2 quiz

1. Where was jesus crucified- Golgotha

2. The theory that states that scripture is only inspired in matter of religious dogma- limited inspiration

3. The theory that states that only the ideas in scripture are inspired – conceptual inspiration

4. The first books were made from rolled papyrus and were therefore called rolodex manuscripts—FALSE

5. The 2 main accusations made against jesus were blasphemy and treason- true

6. The apocrypha makes no claim of divine inspiration- true

7. The theory that states that god only inspired some of scripture but we do not know which parts- parital inspiration

8. Man is not reconciled to god through the actual blood of Christ rather the blood is a metaphor for the moral and noble life of Christ- FALSE!

9. What is a vicar- someone who takes the place of another

10. The term scripture comes from the latin for scriptus which means scaffolding- false

11. Attempt to determine the original manuscript of the text- lower criticism

12. This word means to buy out of — got wrong not restoration

13. Deals with the authorship, sources, dates, and historical matters- higher criticism

14. According to the text about what percent of the new testament is either quotation or allusion to the OT- 10%

15. Inspiration incorporates the personality of the writer into the final product- true

16. Saccording to the text, the mesoretic text and the red sea scrolls establish an early date of scripture- false

17. According to the text, what does bibliolatry mean? The worship of the bible

18. Personal guilt is condition of the sinner standing guilty- false

19. What is suffering endured by one person in the place of another- vacrious suffering

20. Which is not a criterion for determining that person is biblical prophet? None of the above

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