Applied Sciences

Week 3 Discussion HMGT 400

· Specific Rules for Discussions

1.Each post must be at least 130 words long or it receives no credit. Only the first initial postings    and the first response postings meeting the 130-word requirement will be graded.

2.The initial posting must be submitted by Thursday night at 11:59 pm EST. The response’s     postings are due Sunday night at 11:59 pm.

3. First Initial & response’s postings must include at least two references – one internal (course readings, course modules, primers,     webliography, etc.) and one external (other authoritative sources beyond our course material)

Note: No wiki or blog references


Discussion 4: Research Methods and Techniques, Part 1   Next Description Description

Discussion 4

Part A: Research Methods and Techniques,

Our main discussion focuses of this week discussion are about research method and techniques, pick up one of the following topics and discuss.

1) Discuss and explain data preparation process.

2) Discuss and explain data validation and verification process.

3) Discuss different measure of significance and compare and explain Chi-Sqr.

4) Identify the major types of relationship between variables

Background: Data preparation: Data Preparation and Processing: Data preparation for data mining

Data validation, processing and reporting

Part B: Exercise-4: Determining the Sample Size Use the following results for two independent random samples taken from two populations: Sample 1: N1=30 Mean1=10.36 Std. Dev1=3.38   Sample 2: N2=32 Mean2=9.55 Std. Dev2=2.88

What is the point estimate of the difference between the two population mean? Provide a 95% confidence interval for the difference between two populations means.



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