Applied Sciences

Unit 2 Assessment

1. Outline the issues and challenges that affect voter turnout. Your response should be at least 200 words in length. Reference required.

2. Define interest groups and discuss the impact and methods of interest groups. How can a group use protests as a tool? Your response should be at least 500 words in length. Reference required.

3. Match the type of federalism with its correction definition.

Dual Federalism (1787-1913)

Centralized Federalism (1964-1980)

New Federalism (1980-1985)

Representational Federalism (1985-1996)

Coercive Federalism (1997-2010)


Most government functions are divided between nation and states


National government that set its own goals and deemed all problems as national problems


Federal sharing of tax revenues


Defined the role of states as electing the President and members of Congress


The federal government’s assumption of powers traditionally reserved to states

Please make sure all work is original

Please make sure all the work is original on answering the discussion questions below.

Please make your answer is concise and straight to the point, answering the entire question.

CRJ 331:

“Corrections and Psychology” Please respond to the following:

· Ascertain the importance of each of the four (4) basic categories of risk management activities (monitoring, treatment, supervision, and victim safety planning) discussed in Chapter 10 of the textbook. Next, select two (2) of these categories, and provide one (1) real-world example of a forensic psychologist or criminal justice system professional effectively carrying out an activity from that category. Be specific and detailed in your real-world example.

CRJ 435:

“Gang Activity in Urban Areas”

· During this week’s reading we examined the gang presence in larger cities. Using your textbook and this week’s reading, compare and contrast three (3) reasons why some gang problems become increasingly more serious in some cities while in others they do not. Next based on where you currently live, research the nearest large city near you and its various gang problems then provide a 200 to 500 word response describing how your city compares and contrasts to one (1) other city of similar demographics.

· Read the case study titled, “Drugs, Guns, and Disadvantaged Youths: Co-Occurring Behavior and the Code of the Street” found here: . Based on this case study, name three (3) distinctive features of gangs within cities then propose two (2) features you believe are most relevant when depicting gangs in cities. Justify your response.

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