Applied Sciences

All parts and recommendations in the final paper must be supported by peer-reviewed, relevant and reliable outside sources

Part III: Assurance

Discuss any new initiatives, services or public health programming that needs to be in place after your assessment and policy recommendations are made.

Discuss public health and other community resources/organizations that may spearhead these recommended efforts (what may some helpful collaborations between local community organizations? State agencies or federal agencies?)

What are some cultural considerations that need to be included? How will barriers to care/services be addressed?

Conclude your paper with summative recommendations/suggestions on the future of health issue amongst the target population

  • Locate a public health communication website, blog, or podcast and evaluate it according to the National Library of Medicine Tutorial Review the examples provided in the Learning Resources.
  • Consider how the website, blog, or podcast could be adapted for use in a different region, state, and country. Think about how the cultural and literacy differences between the locations may impact the adaptation process. Review Simply Put: A Guide for Creating Easy to Understand Materials available at for tips on designing for lower literacy populations.

Post the following:

  • Describe the public health communication website, blog, or podcast you selected. Include the URL in your posting.
  • Evaluate the accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency, and coverage of the health information presented.
  • Provide a detailed explanation of the tool you selected and describe how it could be adapted for another population or group. Explain how this adaptation addresses cultural as well as literacy differences.

Support your posting with information from the Learning Resources. Be sure to cite references in APA format.

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