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Each of the Heathers (H1, H2 and H3)  LumaSlim Review were planning for their upcoming High School Prom Night. And, like every girl they wanted to look their best and fit into a beautiful dress. This is a stressful time for young ladies and they each had their own approach.H1 decided to buy the most expensive dress she could afford. So she worked at her minimum wage jobs tirelessly and left herself no time for studying or fitness.H2 decided that her approach would be to be as skinny as she could be and she focused on losing weight. Unfortunately, like many people seeking an ideal body image or trying to achieve weight loss, is all that she tried were crash diets and supermodel fads that she had seen on TV.

H3 decided that she would look her best, regardless of her weight, if you simply tried to live as healthy of a life as possible. She ate sensible foods, she exercised regularly and got good rest. And her secret weapon was a company called 02 Max, which offered a Prom Program inclusive of a personalized exercise and nutrition regiment, as well as savings offered on hair, shoes and the dress.While she may not have been as thin as a rail like H2 or as debutante as H1, she felt good.So along comes Prom Night and the story finds the 3 Heathers (H1, H2 and H3) each with a different outcome.

H1 could not fit into her dress. H2 spent the evening on her bedroom floor passed out from poor nutrition. And H3, well as you can imagine, she looked fantastic (in a healthy sort of way), ended up as Prom Queen and lived happily ever after.I’m not saying that this approach would work for everyone but the video itself is a simple 2 minute reflection on the paths of 3 different girls heading up to Prom Night. Being a kid these days is challenging enough and as a father of 2 high school aged kids, I loved this video and the empowerment that it provided to girls facing the pressure of preparing for Prom Night.

I applaud this company and their video production. So if you have a child heading toward graduation ceremonies, please be sure you talk to them about drinking and driving. And while kids do not always listen to their parents, simple videos like the one referenced above provide a kid-cool way to message the importance of a balanced approach to weight loss.And while you are at it, grab a strong vision of who you want to become in life – an empowering vision. And Let The Vision Empower You!

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