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Leg100: Business Legal

Discussion Question Week 9

Consumer protection is an important issue, but how much responsibility should the government have in protecting consumer? There are many products that pose a health hazard yet are legal. Choose one of the following examples and explain whether or not you think that the government should ban the product.


· Cigarettes

· Beer, wine or liquor

· Fast food

Make a substantive reply to the fellow student below.

Carla English

RE: Week 9 Discussion

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Hello Everyone! I choose Liquor. I do not think that the government should ban liquor. For one to many people consume alcoholic beverages, in my opinion this no different from people who smoke, marijuana, or people who eat at fast food restaurants on a daily basis, all of it is not for a person. The distilled spirits council of the united states reports that the alcoholic beverage industry contributed more than 400 billion to the u.s. economy in 2010. it employed more than 3.9 million people. Thats a lot of economic muscle. making alcohol illegal would strike a significant financial blow to the U.U. economy. now  yes there should be rules and regulation when it comes to drinking. Thats why you have to be legal when you a purchasing it,and the commercials always say drink responsible. and they always say when you see someone consume  to much, take there keys and give them a ride. you have to also remember that Alcohol is to make, for example when have grapes, and every year we make wine. We make for our personal collection. but so many people get in trouble because of alcohol, and sometimes it even ends up in tragedy. I think if more people do not abuse Alcohol, then we would not her so many stories about, yes it harmful to people if you abuse it, as for many other things. to much of anything is not good for you

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