Applied Sciences

Public Health Preparedness” Please respond to the following:

  • From the first e-Activity, analyze the measures your state and local community have in place to prepare hospitals for two (2) different types of threats to public health. Question whether the design of these measures allows for the sufficient protection of the population in the face of an imminent threat. Justify your response.
  • From the second e-Activity, examine two to three (2-3) changes to the preparedness policies of your chosen state and federal government agencies. Determine the significant social, political, or environmental factors that have influenced these changes. Provide support for your rationale.Week 6

    Chapter 10 – What are the elements that define a music drama? 50+ words


    Chapter 11 – See how many musical compositions you can find from the twentieth century that are about war. (Use the textbook and other web sources to find compositions.  Do not simply copy and paste a website, create your own list)

    Week 7

    Chapter 12 – How did the cultural and social atmosphere of the 1960s influence the development of free jazz? 100+ words

    Concert Review No. 2

    Students will attend two (2) concerts throughout the term.  Students will submit a paper with no less than 300 words, doubled-spaced. A program from the performance must be submitted as well (only if you attend a live performance).  You may scan the program, send an email with a picture attached or send through regular mail.

    Within the body of the paper, students need to include the following: Where was the concert? What genre was it? Who were the performers? What did you notice about the performers? Do you know their backgrounds? What type of music was performed? Do some research on the composer(s)? Be sure to cite (in text citation and reference page) your sources (MLA or APA) Did the performers seem well prepared? Did you like the music they played? What did you like or dislike about the performance or the music? What was the audience like? Describe the musical elements of each piece (Melody, Harmony, Texture, Dynamics, Tempos, etc.)

    Concerts must be classical (e.g. opera, symphony, high school/college or university band, orchestra or chorus concert)  Popular concerts will not be accepted.  Concerts must be preapproved by the instructor.

    Below are links to Youtube videos – You may pick and choose the videos you want to be included in your concert review.  Make sure that videos you choose  add up to at least an hour in length.  The focus of the review should be on the musical characteristics (Melody, Harmony, Texture, Dynamics, Tempo, Style and Form)

    1.    Time: 19:27  Bach Cello Suite No. 1 in G

    2.        Time: 8:45  Bach Prelude and Fugue in E  Flat (St. Anne) Organ

    3.     Time: 10:38  Vivaldi Spring

    4.     Time: 19:13  Gabrieli Canzonas and Sonatas

    5.      Time: 22:01  Handel – Music for the Royal Fireworks

    6.   Time: 57: 25 Handel – Christmas Portion of Messiah

    7.   Time: 26:53   Haydn – Symphony 94 G Major (Surprise)

    8.    Time: 11:06    Haydn – Piano Sonata in E minor

    9.  Time: 22:08    Mozart – Piano Sonata No. 11 A Major K 331

    10.  Time: 31:32  Mozart – Symphony No. 40 in G minor

    11.  Time: 2:47:39  Mozart – Opera – Marriage of Figaro

    12.   Time: 52:50   Mozart Requiem

    13.    Time: 14:31  Beethoven Moonlight Sonata (All Movements)

    14.    Time 1 hour   Beethoven Symphony 3

    15.   Time: 42:28  Beethoven String Quartet Op. 59 No.1

    I will add to the list as we move forward.

    Example of a possible review would be:

    Videos 3, 5, 9 to make the hour long length requirement.

    Week 8

    Chapter 13 – Discuss the benefits and problems associated with musical censorship. Should music be censored? If so, which music? Who should do the censoring? How should the rules be implemented and enforced? 100+ word

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