Applied Sciences

Tips for this weeks assignment:

John asked a question in the QTI Forum. I copied it here this time. Always check QTI for answers that can help with course topics and assignments. Also, check the weekly introduction and instructor responses for Easter eggs [Easter eggs refer to information you can use that is hidden in plain site. I say hidden, because unless you are a seeker who is reading the posts, you won’t find them].

Before reading John’s response consider this: please work on ARGUING YOUR CLAIMS TO A CONCLUSION. Use examples, quotes from the literature, and personal observations and insights to prove your points. DO NOT miss components which will drop your grade significantly. USE HEADERS – this ensures that you cover each section and makes it more organized and logical which supports receiving credit. STATE YOUR THESIS AS THE LAST SENTENCE OF THE FIRST PARAGRAPH, then let the thesis statement guide your writing.

“Hi John,

I will grade you as a HCA not an accountant. You will be graded on how thoroughly you answer the 5 questions:

1. Name and describe three components of the health care finance system that are present in the assignment.

· The emphasis is on what is present in the assignment, concepts like payment, finance, and others apply.  There are others and you can choose models from the readings or research. Take care that these components are present in the assignment directly or indirectly.

2. Describe how the components you selected interact with one another and how this interaction informs your decision-making process.

· After you select the three components of the health care finance system, explain how each of them interact within the system and help you to make your decision.

3. Explain the steps and information you would need to make your recommendations.

· List and explain the exact steps you would take to lead to the decision.

· Explain the selection criteria/information needed/used.

4. Describe which two projects you would recommend and provide rationale.

· Now that you have used financial concepts and planning to elect your choices – explain, based on the information given and your selection criteria why you chose the top two.

5. Explain why you would not recommend the other two projects and provide rationale.

· Provide details on why you did not choose the other two.

6. What if this hospital was a for-profit system, would your answer change? Why or why not?

· This hospital is not-for-profit. State if you would change your selections if it was a for-profit institution. If you wouldn’t change the recommendations, then explain why you would not change your recommendations.

Let me know if this helps.”

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