Applied Sciences

Project # 2: Annotated Bibliography

There are two types of bibliographies, analytical/ critical and descriptive. For this assignment you will write three analytical annotations using peer reviewed articles that are related to you chosen topic. Each annotation should be between 8-12 sentences (100-200 words). It should summarize AND analyze what is being said in an article. It examines the strengths and weaknesses of what is presented as well as discusses how the author’s conclusion relates to the conducted research.

1- Citation — Create a standard APA citation for the source. Remember to indent every line except the first line. Double space the citation but single space the annotated information. Your citations should be in alphabetical order and follow APA format.

2- Summary – Write 3-5 sentences summarizing the content of the material. Be sure to include all the main points but add detailed information as you critically examine the entire source.

3- Evaluation – Add 3-6 sentences evaluating the information. The information should be detailed and specific and reflect your critical reading and analysis of the source. What type of audience was this source written for? Is the author biased in their point of view? Does this information from this source corroborate with information from other sources?

4- Add 1-3 sentences reflecting on the usefulness of this source. Did this source provide you with a major portion of information about your topic or miniscule amounts? Did the source contain interesting information? Did the source enlighten you on an aspect of your topic you weren’t aware of?


Holland, Suzanne. Healthy Eating and Sugar, Consumer Digest. Science, Ethics, and Public Policy. Boston: MIT P, 2001.

The article form Heath Digest discussed the effect that sugar has on the human body. The author points out that the human body gets its main energy from sugar consumption, however sugar can cause devastating health issues if not consumed in moderation. While the author briefly discusses obesity, he does not go into enough depth for the reader to truly know the range of chronic diseases that result from consuming a high volume of sugar. The author of this article stresses on eating a balanced diet in order to achieve good health. The article is a good source for those who want to know about blood sugar levels and healthy eating, however who is interested in learning more about chronic disease that results from sugar consumption, one should actually examine research studies that have been done on obesity and diabetes rather than simply take the authors word that sugar consumption should be limited.

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